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In the eyes of others
May 11, 2011, 2:28 PM
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Perhaps my greatest struggle with this entire process is when I am with Java in public. Suddenly every action of hers is scrutizined and, most likely, not understood by a onlooker. Especially of one who has no experience training their own dog.

The snickers. The comments. Their expert (or lack thereof) advice. The worried faces. The fear you sense.

All of this makes taking her in and out of the condo that much more of a daunting task than it already is.

I never had this issue previously with Cocoa. But that’s probably because we lived in the suburbs and could avoid human and dog interaction.

Sometimes I want to lash out at people making ridiculous comments. It makes me upset that my dog and I are perceived a certain way. And it peeves me when people tell me what to do.

Today, Java was rather well behaved on our way back up to the condo after her walk. Yes she was a little excited and wanted to get at passerbys but it was corrected after a tug or two. In the elevator she was well-behaved until two high pitched girls got on. Again, she wasn’t bad but I tried to stop her from licking people’s feet and sniffing around (it was a really crowded elevator). Then a man comments, “she doesn’t listen very well.”

That infuriated me. But I kept quiet and ignored it and got off at my floor. I would have like to rebuttaled and say “She’s a puppy!!” “She’s excited by the people and high pitched squealing!!” “She wants to play because you are waving your hand in her face (your attempt to keep it discreet didn’t work)!!” and finally, “I am training my dog and there is a reason that I am ignoring you!!!”

So if you ever see a dog owner with an excited puppy…please think twice before making a comment or remark. Please ask the owner if you can excite the puppy. And please, just respect us dog owners and our dogs because we are working hard to be a part of this community as well.


May 9, 2011, 2:57 PM
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Baby Java playing with her ball at the dog park

Tired = Good
May 8, 2011, 11:00 PM
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As a result of the last two weekends, I have noticed that a tired Java will give me a calm, relaxed and well-behaved Java. The unfortunate thing is that to tire her out, it would require two days of being with other dogs continuously.

Maybe it’s time to consider a second dog to keep her company, and to keep each other company (and tired).

Or… not.

Excited for the upcoming Bark Busters appointment with one of the trainers who actually has extensive experience with the German Shepherd Dog. Will definitely be writing a review about our experience with Bark Busters, its training methodologies and the obstacles (and successes) that we faced.